Sunday, April 19, 2009

Tech convergence FTW: Adventures in The New Media

Well, I've finally caved and signed up for Twitter, mostly out of curiosity.

I already had Facebook Mobile enabled, which meant I could update my status via text message. Now I hooked up Twitter to simultaneously update my Facebook status, and I can update my Twitter via text. So via a single text the same line shows up in my Facebook, Twitter, and the Twitter feed gadget on the side of the blog here. (I've been trying to get my Twitter RSS to merge right into my blog column, but no such luck.)

The verdict on this new toy is pending, although I had fun wasting the better part of two days combining Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, Gmail, texting, and Netflix (via a Facebook app which updates my newsfeed with Netflix activity) into a single superhighway of overshare. Next up: direct corneal feed!

All this resulted, of course in a paradigmatic anecdote of accidental tech overkill: I texted a test post to my Twitter ... simultaneously updating my Facebook status ... thus generating a text notification to my friend Seth's Bluetooth phone.

He was in the next room.

I wonder if this is how Alexander Graham Bell felt.

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